AlleyCat focuses on web design, web programming, email marketing and graphic design and identity work while providing a range of other complementary services you can see below. This means that most of the work related to your marketing efforts can be accomplished in one place, resulting in a more cohesive effort when it comes to achieving your goals.

Consulting and Planning: We believe in establishing the goals of your business before jumping into the production process. Approaching projects in this manner has helped us succeed in delivering measurable results for our clients, instead of just a pretty looking website.
Website Development: Building a successful web presence may seem like a tough proposition. It is both an art and a science, requiring not only the ability to identify opportunities and assemble strategic plans, but also the technical expertise to execute them.
Search Engine Optimisation: SEO stands for search engine optimisation, which simply means making a website rank more highly on search engine results for the relevant keywords. For example, if you’re a house painter in Melbourne, you want your company to be among the top results should someone search Google for ‘house painter Melbourne’. You can achieve this by optimising your site so Google thinks you’re the most relevant and interconnected site for these words.
Online Marketing: AlleyCat Media online marketing services include search engine and directory placement, email marketing campaigns, e-newsletter solutions, web site optimization, research, tactical strategy, and much more
Internet Applications: AlleyCat Internet Applications power the online efforts of SME’s, Governement organisations and non profit companies. Chances are, no matter what you have in mind, we’ve done something similar.
Graphic Design, Print & Branding: An identity defines the very essence of a company’s presence. Whether building a company’s brand for online or offline presentation, we deliver a bold mix of creative flair and innovation.
Website Hosting & Domain Names: Our solutions are hosted on super fast reliable Web Servers in the USA and Australia, located and managed by top tier providers such as Verio and RackSpace.
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