Facebook Business Pages

Facebook Pages enable brands to engage where people connect.

With over 500 million active users, your business could benefit from a professional Facebook presence. Facebook and social networks have quickly become mainstream and serve an active part of people’s lives. As the demographics of users expands and grows northward in age and income brackets, the channel provides new opportunities to engage key audiences and leverage their influence over their peers to promote the brands they’ve connected with. Never before has word-of-mouth marketing been so measurable and dynamic.

Not only is Facebook an incredible viral word-of-mouth tool, but it’s also provides a direct communications channel to “fans” in a similar way to email subscribers. Where the email in-box is now cluttered and ineffective, access to fan’s “newsfeeds” provides a new opportunity to build audience engagement.

This service is designed to establish a presence and train you how to best engage with your Facebook fans within a modest budget.

Looking to leverage your online store on Facebook? Via our storefront software AlleyCat Commerce, we can tightly integrate your store with Facebook, allowing you to easily deploy content from an online store to a Facebook business page, build your mailing list and more.


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